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Happy 16th Annual SysAdmin Day Posted at 07/31/15 - 07:29 AM
Did you know its SysAdmin Day today? Do you know why its on a Friday?... Because its NO-CHANGE Friday!

That is right my SysAdmin friends, today is your day! The day you get showered in praise for all of your hard work keeping those servers online 24/7, restoring those deleted files in record time, rescuing those malware infected desktops and hunting through all of those log files... Today is the 16th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day!

Don't forget there is still time to be rewarded by entering the many online competitions & giveaways, including our very own Australian SysAdmin of the Year contest.

So to all of you SysAdmins out there, may your morning coffee be strong, your lunch be free, the after work beers be cold and your IT operations be read only on this day – Happy SysAdmin Day!
Author: John Kenyon
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