Gift Ideas

Let's face it, without your friendly neighborhood sysadmin, you wouldn't even be able see this page, or read or send email. They are the person who brings you new stuff all year long, like a new cell phone, new laptop, or a new LCD screen. If they don't bring you gifts like these, it's usually not their fault. Someone is preventing them from doing it! Sysadmins love to give out nice new shiny kit, because they know that (usually) new computers are much more reliable! So, what are you getting for your sysadmin this year? Remember, it's the thought that counts!

  • Present your sysadmin with a Certificate of Appreciation
  • Cakes, cookies, chocolates... mmmm
  • Bottle of wine or slab of their favourite beer
  • Gold class movie tickets
  • A new coffee mug, they drink a lot of coffee!

Send us your gift ideas!