SysAdmin Day Australia Competition for 2016

It's not really SysAdmin Day unless someone is crowned SysAdmin of the Year! So for the 17th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day we asked all of you hardworking SysAdmins out there to tell us about the IT miracles you performed in the background over the past year that your end-users were not aware of but you saved the day! This year the torch is passed to... Chris Flood!

Thanks to our great supporters, Chris not only retains bragging rights for Australian SysAdmin of the Year for 2016 but also took home:

  • A Samsung 28" LCD television, thanks to Samsung Communications Centre
  • A HP Officejet 2620 multifunction printer from Datacom
  • The book "Bulletproof SSL and TLS", a cool waterbottle, and a 16GB USB flashdrive courtesy of Symantec
  • One year membership to SAGE-AU
  • Plus an official trophy + certificate from SysAdminDay.com.au


Here is Chris's winning entry:

For the last few years we like many other companies have been struggling with cryptolocker, due to the way it is delivered and run we have had issue stopping it and trouble explaining it to staff who only understood the danger after being affect. Unknown to our users I took on several weeks of testing with our anti-virus software and trying various settings combinations with various live versions of Crypto locker virus (in a separate test network). After 3 weeks I had anti-virus profile that can stop and alert users of possible crypto locking attempt and revert any changers that were made. Since this was pushed to our work computers users have just assumed Cryptolocker has gone away while in reality our AV software is working hard every day keeping our data safe it has to date stopped and additional 40 attacks.