SysAdmin Day Australia Competition for 2014

To celebrate the 15th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day we asked SysAdmins around Australia to tell us about what new skills or capabilities have been key to their success as a sysadmin this year. We had a great response with many good entries but only one can be crowned SysAdmin of the Year... and that title goes to Rob Begg!

Thanks to our generous supporters, this year Rob scored big with:

Here is Rob's winning entry:

Automation + CM system capabilities - New software roll-outs meant a new tool to manage the environment I support. With restrictions on the software allowed in the environment this tool finally allowed puppet like automation and configuration management, but not without a steep learning curve. Learning the native language of this tool has enabled me to consolidate and improve many of the manual tasks and other ad-hoc automation tasks into the one tool. This has meant more effective monitoring, better stability in the environment and more time for us sysadmins to get on with our work improving the environment.